Dr. Joana Vicente

I did my bachelor in Biology (2005) and my master in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation (2007) with the title “Modelação Preditiva Hierárquica e Espacialmente Explícita da Distribuição de Espécies da Flora Vascular” in Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto. I developed my PhD at the same institution with the theme: “Modelling landscape invasion by alien plants under current and future conditions of climate and land use” (2012). Currently, I am working as an FCT post-​doctoral fellow in CIBIO at the University of Évora, the title of my working plan is: “Modelling the dynamics of invasive plants in forest landscapes under scenarios of future climate, land use, forest management and fire disturbance”.

My area of expertise focuses on fundamental and applied research on ecological modelling of biodiversity geographic patterns, landscape ecology, environmental changes, and alien invader species. More specifically predicting isolated and synergic impacts of multi-​scale environmental changes in the spread of biological invasions in heterogeneous landscapes, ecosystems and landscape functioning using both static and dynamic modelling techniques

Selected references:

Book chapters:

Vicente J., Fernandes, R., Lomba, A., Pinto, A.T., Alonso, J., Alves, P., Gonçalves, J.A., Marchante, H., Machante, E.,and Honrado, J.. O desafio atual e futuro da gestão das espécies exóticas invasoras nos espaços florestais do Norte de Portugal 2012, in Florestas do Norte de Portugal (João Tereso, João Honrado, Ana Teresa Pinto, Francisco Castro Rego eds) ISBN: 9789899741812.


Vicente, J.R., Pinto, A.T., Araújo, M.B., Verburg, P., Pereira, H.M., Randin, C.F., Guisan, A. and Honrado, J.P. (2013) Using life strategies to explore the vulnerability of ecosystem services to invasion by alien plants. Ecosystems (in press).

Bastos, R.C., M. Santos, J. Ramos, J.Vicente, C. Guerra; J. Alonso; J. Honrado; R. Ceia; S. Timóteo & J. Cabral (2012) Testing a novel spatially-​explicit dynamic modelling approach in the scope of the laurel forest management for the endangered Azores bullfinch (Pyrrhula murina) conservation. Biological Conservation 147: 243 – 254

Lomba, A., Vicente, J., Moreira F, and Honrado J. (2011) Effects of multiple factors on plant diversity of forest fragments in intensive farmland of Northern Portugal. Forest Ecology and Management. 262: 2219 – 2228

Vicente, J., Randin, C.F., Gonçalves, J., Metzger, M., Lomba, A., Honrado, J. and Guisan, A. (2011) Where will conflicts between alien and rare species occur after climate and land-​use change? A test with a novel combined modeling approach. Biological Invasions 13:1209 – 1227

Vicente J, Alves P, Randin C, Guisan A and Honrado J (2010) What drives invasibility? A multi-​model inference test and spatial modelling of alien plant species richness patterns in Northern Portugal. Ecography 33, 1081 – 1092

Symposium organization:

Vicente, J., Lomba, A. . Applications of Ecological Models in Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring in a Rapidly Changing World. 2011. 12th European Ecological Federation Congress Congress. “Responding to Rapid Environmental Change”. Ávila, Spain, 25 – 29 September 2011 

Contact:Casa Cordovil, 2º andar, Rua Joaquim Henrique da Fonseca, 7000 – 890 Évora 
phone: +351 266 759 350 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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