Dr. José Herrera

My research focus on investigating patterns of species distribution and the functioning of networks of species interactions at multiple and differing temporal and spatial scales in the face of global environmental change.

My main aim is to shed light on how (and why) species distribute in geographical space and, from a conservation point of view, determine how (and why) organisms respond to different global change drivers. I also try to go beyond the effects on individual species distribution by investigating subsequent impacts on ecosystem processes mediated by interactions among species, and in turn, on ecosystem functioning.

Finally, as a landscape ecologist, I seek for establishing new approaches on how we research, manage and restore real-​world landscapes undergoing rapid and profound environmental changes.

Selected publications:

Herrera, J.M. & Doblas-​Miranda, E. (2013) Land-​cover change effects on trophic interactions: current knowledge and future challenges in research and conservation. Basic and Applied Ecology (Early view)

Herrera, J.M., García, J.M., Martínez, D. & Valdés, A. (2011) Regional vs local effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on two plant-​animal interactions. Ecography 34, 606 – 615.

Herrera, J.M., Morales, J.M. & García, D. (2011) Differential effects of fruit availability and habitat cover for frugivore-​mediated seed dispersal in a heterogeneous landscape. Journal of Ecology, 99, 1100 – 1107.

Herrera, J.M. & García, D. (2010) Effects of forest fragmentation on seed dispersal and seedling establishment in ornithochorous trees. Conservation Biology, 24, 1089 – 1098.

Herrera, J.M. & García, D. (2009) The role of remnant trees in seed dispersal through the matrix: being alone is not always so sad. Biological Conservation, 142, 149 – 158

Contact:Casa Cordovil, 2º andar, Rua Joaquim Henrique da Fonseca, 7000 – 890 Évora 
phone: +351 266 759 350 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.

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