Dr. Regan Early

My research concerns the processes that drive species range changes. I am interested in the routes along which species’ ranges will shift as climate changes, i.e. ‘climate paths’. Recently I have been studying how population processes such as colonisation and extinction will affect how species move along their climate path. I am also interested in what these same processes mean for designing effective wildlife reserves, both for species that are and are not affected by climate change. I am also studying the factors and processes that limit the range margins of exotic species in order to gain insight into both the risks posed by the exotic species themselves, and how native ranges might be determined. Most of my research is at a macro-​scale, involving large numbers of species. However, I enjoy collaborating with biologists who study the ecology and evolution of individual species. Currently I am exploring how species’ phenological responses to climate interact with climate change to influence their ability and need to range shift. Although I am fascinated by the ecological insights this work has to offer, I also aim for my research to have direct conservation application. I have collaborated with multiple conservation agencies and working groups to develop action plans based in solid ecological theory.

Selected 5 publications

Richardson, D.M., Hellmann, J.J., McLachlan, J., Sax, D.F., Schwartz, M.W., Brennan, J., Gonzalez, P., Root, T., Sala, O., Schneider, S.H., Ashe, D., Camacho, A, Rappaport, J., Clark, Early, R., Etterson, J., Fielder, D., Gill, J., Minteer, B.A., Polasky, S., Safford, H., Thompson, A., & Vellend, M. 2009. “Multidimensional evaluation of managed relocation”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 106(24): 9721 – 9724 [pdf]

Early, R., Anderson, B. & Thomas, C.D. 2008. “Using habitat distribution models to evaluate large-​scale landscape priorities for spatially dynamic species”. Journal of Applied Ecology 45(1): 228 – 238. [pdf]

Bulman, C.R., Wilson, R., Holt, A.R., Galvez Bravo, L., Early, R.I., Warren, M.S. & Thomas, C.D. 2007. “Minimum viable metapopulation size, extinction debt and the conservation of a declining species”. Ecological Applications 17(5): 1460 – 1473. [pdf]

Early, R. & Thomas, C.D. 2006. “Multi-​species conservation planning: identifying landscapes for the conservation of viable populations using local and continental species priorities”. Journal of Applied Ecology. 44(2): 253 – 262. [pdf]

Moilanen, A., Franco, A.M.A., Early, R.I., Fox, R., Wintle, B.A. & Thomas, C.D. 2005. “Prioritizing multiple-​use landscapes for conservation: Methods for large multi-​species planning problems”. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B. 272(1575): 1885 – 1891. [pdf]

Curriculum vitae

personal webpage

Contact:Casa Cordovil, 2º andar, Rua Joaquim Henrique da Fonseca, 7000 – 890 Évora 
phone: +351 266 759 350 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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