Articles 2014

Articles produced in 2014

  1. Alagador, D., Cerdeira, J.O. & Araújo, M.B. 2014. Shifting protected areas: scheduling spatial priorities under climate change. Journal of Applied EcologyDOI: 10.1111÷13652664.12230.
  2. Araújo, M.B. & Rozenfeld, A. 2014. The geographic scaling of biotic interactions.Ecography10.1111/j.1600 – 0587.2013.00643.x.
  3. Barbosa, A.M. 2014. A fuzzy implementation of binary similarity indices for assessing biogeographic associations, biotic regions, and beta diversity. Frontiers of Biogeography 6, suppl. 1114.
  4. Barbosa, A.M. VisCount: a free software tool to train and evaluate visual count estimates. In review.
  5. Barbosa, A.M. Re-​scaling of model evaluation measures to allow direct comparison of their values. In review.
  6. Bradshaw, C.J.A., Brook, B.W., Fordham, D.A., Herrando-​Pérez, S., Cassey, P., Early, R., Sekerçioglu, C.H. & Araújo, M.B. Predictors of contraction and expansion of area of occupancy for British birds. Proceedings of the Royal Society London B. In press.
  7. Dobrovolski, R., Loyola, R.D., Fonseca, G.A.B., Diniz-​Filho, J.A.F. & Araújo, M.B. 2014. Globalizing conservation efforts helps save species and feed the world. Bioscience. Accepted.
  8. Garcia, R.A.Araújo, M.B., Burgess, N.D., Foden, W.B., Gutsche, A., Rahbek, C. & Cabeza, M. 2014. Matching species traits to projected threats and opportunities to climate change.Journal of Biogeography. DOI: 10.1111/jbi.12257.
  9. Garcia, R.A., Cabeza, M., Rahbek, C., Araújo, M.B. 2014. Multiple dimensions of climate change and their implications for biodiversity. Science. 344: 1247579.
  10. García-​Valdez, R., Gotelli, N.J., Zavala, M.A., Purves, D. & Araújo, M.B. Drivers of tree local colonization and extinction in Iberia. In review.
  11. García-​Valdés, R., Svenning, J.-C., Zavala, M.A., Purves, D.W. & Araújo, M.B. Dual effects of climate change and habitat loss on future distributions of tree species in Spain. In review
  12. Guarino, E.S.G., Barbosa, A.M. & Waechter, J.L. Effects of detectability on the performance of plant species distribution models: a case study with the Brazilian pine. In review.
  13. Hayes, J.P., Feldman, C.R. & Araújo, M.B. Mass-​independent maximal metabolic rates and geographic range sizes: A new macrophysiological rule? Biology Letters. In review.
  14. Herrera, J.M., Ploquin, Emilie F., Rodríguez-​Pérez, J., Obeso, J.R. 2014. Determining habitat suitability for bumblebees in a mountain system: a baseline approach for testing the impact of climate change on the occurrence and abundance of species. Journal of Biogeography. DOI: 10.1111/jbi.12236
  15. Martínez, D., García, D., Herrera, J.M. 2014. Consistency and reciprocity of indirect interactions between tree species mediated by frugivorous birds. Oikos. DOI: 10.1111/j.1600 – 0706.2013.00558.x
  16. Mestre, F.; Bragança, M.P.; Nunes, A. & dos Santos, M.E. (2014). “Satellite tracking of sea turtles released after prolonged captivity periods”. Marine Biology Research, 10(10): 9961006. Doi: 10.1080/17451000.2013.872801.
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  18. Monasterio, C.Gomes, V.Beukema, W. & Araújo, M.B. Preferential temperatures and lower thermal tolerances among Iberian lizards are plastic, upper thermal tolerances are not. In review.
  19. Nogués-​Bravo, D., Aranda, I., Araújo, M.B., García, R., Kollmann, J., Martínez, I., Pulido, F., Svenning, J.-C., Valladares, F. and Zavala, M.A. Behind the curtain of species geographical ranges. In review
  20. Prasad Dasari, H., Pozo, I.Ferri-​Yáñez, F. & Araújo, M.B. 2014. A regional climate study of heat waves over the Iberian Peninsula. Climate Research. 4841 – 853 .
  21. Real, R., Barbosa, A.M., Bull, J.W. Quantum-​mechanistic species distribution modelling, dark diversity and the enhancement of biodiversity measures. In review.
  22. Santos, S.M., Marques, J.T., Lourenço, A., Medinas, D., Barbosa, A.M., Beja, P. & Mira, A. Dead can move? Sampling effects on the identification of roadkill hotspots and implications for survey design and mitigation. In review.
  23. Swenson, N.G., Mao, L., Weiser, M.D., Araújo, M.B., Diniz-​Filho, J.A.F., Kollman, J., Nogués-​Bravo, D., Normand, S., Rodríguez, M.A.F, García-​Valdés, R., Valladares, F., Zavala, M.A., Svenning, J.-C. Phylogenies allow robust predictions of tree functional diversity across novel continental settings. In review.
  24. Tessarolo, G., Rangel, T.F., Araújo, M.B., Hortal, J. Uncertainty associated to survey design in species distribution models. In review.
  25. Valladares, F., Matesanz, S., Araújo, M.B., Balaguer, L., Benito, M., Cornwell, W., Gianoli, E.,Guilhaumon, F., van Kleunen, M., Naya, D.E., Nicotra, A.B., Pooeter, H., Zavala, M.A. The effects of phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation on forecasts of species range shifts under climate change. In review.
  26. Zanolla, M., Altamirano, M., Carmona, R., De La Rosa, J., Souza-​Egipsy, V., Sherwood, A., Tsiamis, K., Barbosa, A.M., Muñoz, A.R. & Andreakis, N. Worldwide spread and invasive risk assessment of species with cryptic lineages: the case of the red seaweed genus Asparagopsis (Bonnemaisoniales, Rhodophyta). In review.

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