Communications 2015

Communications at international conferences and meetings

  1. Alagador, D.Vicente, J.R. (2015) Hotspots of invasiveness of three acacia species in northern Portugal: a probabilistic overview of climate change effects. Oral presentation, “TiBE 2015 | GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY CHANGE — FROM GENES TO ECOSYSTEMS”, Vairão, 1st – 2nd June 2015.
  2. Alcaraz-​Segura, D., Lomba, A., Sousa-​Silva, R., Nieto-​Lugilde, D., Alves, P., Georges, D., Vicente, J.R., Honrado, J.P. (2015) Can satellite-​derived ecosystem functional traits anticipate species shifts? Poster in ICCB2015. Montpellier, France. August 2 – 6, 2015.
  3. Alves, S., Marcos, B., Honrado, J., Vicente, J.R., Lucas, R., Teorodo, A.C., Monteiro, A.T. (2015)Assessing Woody Plant Invasions In Portuguese Mountain Forests Through Knowledge-​Based Object Oriented Remote Sensing . Poster in IGARSS 2015. Milan, Italy, July, 2015.
  4. Areias-​Guerreiro, J. & Barbosa A.M. (2015) Cuán capaces son los modelos de predecir la evolución de la distribución de una especie? El modelo de la nutria de 1998 revisitado. Poster, XII Congreso de la SECEM (Sociedad Española para la Conservación y Estudio de los Mamíferos). Burgos, Spain, 47÷12÷2015 (http://​www​.xiicon​gre​sose​cem​.es)
  5. Barbosa A.M. (2015) A fuzzy implementation of binary similarity indices for assessing biogeographic associations, biotic regions, and beta diversity. Poster, International Biogeography Society 7th Biennial Conference, Bayreuth (Germany), 0812÷01÷2015 (http://www.bayceer.uni–bayreuth​.de/​i​b​s​2015​/)
  6. Barbosa A.M. (2015) Lógica difusa, distribución de especies y los índices de similitud en ecología. Invited conference. University of Málaga, Spain, 02/​07/​2015.
  7. Barbosa A.M. (2015) Is there safety in numbers? Can we be confident with our species distribution models? Keynote talk. Spatial Ecology & Conservation 3, University of Bristol, UK, 1315÷07÷2015.
  8. Bastos, R., Pinhanços, A., Santos, M., Fernandes, R., Vicente, J.R., Morinha, F., Honrado, J., Travassos, P., Barros, P., Cabral, J.A. (2015 Evaluating the regional cumulative impact of wind farms on birds: How can spatially-​explicit dynamic modelling improve impact assessments and monitoring? Oral presentation, “TiBE 2015 | GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY CHANGE — FROM GENES TO ECOSYSTEMS”, Vairão, 1st – 2nd June 2015.
  9. Carvalho F., Carvalho R., Mira A., Beja P. (2015) Modelling the combined effects of habitat heterogeneity and roads on landscape functional connectivity in a Mediterranean forest carnivore. Oral communication,27th ICCB-​4th ECCB, 2 – 6 August, Montpellier, France.
  10. Carvalho F., Carvalho R., Lourenço A., Alves P.C., Mira A., Beja P. (2015) Differential movement of a forest carnivore within habitat heterogeneity and road influence: consequences for genetic structuring. Oral communication, TIBE – Global biodiversity change – from genes to ecosystems, 1 – 2 June, Vairão, Portugal.
  11. Estrada, A., Meireles, C., Morales-​Castilla, I., Poschlod, P., Vieites, D., Araújo, M. B., Caplat, P. & Early, R. What can life-​history traits tell us about species’ ability to cope with climate change? A multi-​taxon approach. International Biogeography Society. 7th Biennial Conference. Bayreuth (Germany). January 8 – 12, 2015.
  12. Fernandes, R.F., Honrado, J.P., Guisan, G., Roxo, A., Alves, P., Martins, J., Vicente, J.R. (2015) Using models and connectivity analysis to predict current and future patterns of invasion in a transfrontier context – a case study of Acacia dealbata invasion in the Galicia-​North of Portugal Euro-region. Poster in IBS2015. Bayreuth, Germany. 8 – 12 January.
  13. Honrado, J.P., Vicente, J.R., Tedim, F., Alonso, J.M. (2015) Plant Invasion and Multi-​Risk Governance: A socio-​ecological perspective. Oral communication, EEF 2015, Rome, Italy. September 21 – 25, 2015.
  14. Honrado, J., Lomba , A., Monteiro, A., Vieira , C., Vicente , J.R., Vaz, A.S. (2015) Indicators of what, for what, and for whom? Biodiversity, ecosystems and the governance of socio-​ecological systems. Oral presentation, XX Cryptogamic Botany Symposium, Oporto, July 22 – 25, 2015.
  15. Martínez-​Padilla, J., Estrada, A., Early, R. & García-​González, F. Environmental suitability and evolvability of morphological traits: linking biogeography and evolutionary dynamics. XVth European Society for Evolutionary Biology Meeting. Lausanne (Switzerland). August 9 – 15, 2015.
  16. Martins, J., Henriques, R., Marchante, E., Marchante, H., Alves, P., Richardson, D., Gaertner, M., Honrado, J., Vicente, J.R. (2015) An improved multi-​scale modelling framework to guide management of plant invasions in a transboundary context. Oral presentation, TiBE 2015 — Trends in Biodiversity and Evolution Conference. Vairão, Portugal, June 1 — 2, 2015
  17. Rocchini D., A. Comber, C.X. Garzon-​Lopez, M. Neteler, A.M. Barbosa, M. Marcantonio, Q. Groom, C. da Costa Fonte, G.M. Foody (2015) Explicitly accounting for uncertainty in crowdsourced data for species distribution modelling. Oral presentation, 9th International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality. Montpellier, France, 28÷0903÷10÷2015 (http://www.isprs–geospa​tial​week2015​.org/workshops/​issdq)
  18. Santos S.M., Salgueiro P., Beja P., Mira A. Why are some birds more susceptible to roadkills than others? Oral presentation, EOU 2015 Eorupean Ornithological Union Conference, 24 – 28 August 2015, Badajoz (Spain); poster communication.
  19. Santos, M., Bastos, R., Vicente, J.R., Berger, U., Soares-​Filho, B.S., Rodrigues, H., Alonso, J., Guerra, C., Martins, J., Honrado, J., Cabral, J.A. (2015) Modelling invasions for managing impacts. Oral presentation, TiBE 2015: global biodiversity change – from genes to ecosystems_​. 1st-​2nd June of 2015, Vairão, Portugal.
  20. Vaz.,A.S., Vila-​Viçosa, C., Muñoz-​Pajares, A.J., Vicente, J.R., Honrado, J.P. (2015). Indicators for assessing resilience of forest ecosystem services: a review based on the DPSIR framework. Oral presentation, 4th Iberian Congress on Ecology_​. 16th – 19th. June of 2015, Coimbra, Portugal.
  21. Vaz, A.S., Schindler, S., Vicente, J.R., Martins, J., Gonçalves, J., Richardson, D., Kueffer, C., Honrado, J.P. (2015) The use of multidisciplinary research fro assessing and managing biological invasions in socio-​ecological systems — a review. Oral presentation, EEF 2015, Rome, Italy. September 21 – 25, 2015.
  22. Vaz, A.S., Vila-​Viçosa, C., Muñoz-​Pajares, A.J., Vicente, J.R., Honrado, J.P. (2015). Integrating resilience-​based indicators of forest ecosystem services in a DPSIR framework – a review. Oral presentation, TiBE 2015: global biodiversity change – from genes to ecosystems_​. 1st-​2nd June of 2015, Vairão, Portugal.
  23. Vicente, J.R. (2015) Applications of ecological models to assess biological invasions of forest ecosystems in a rapidly changing world! Oral presentation, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-​Jena-​Leipzig. Leipzig, February 182015.
  24. Vicente, J.R., Honrado, J.P., Vaz, A.S., Cabral, J.A., Bastos, R., Richardson, D.M. Kueffer, C., Verburg, P., Araújo, M.B. Ecological models as tools to explore forest ecosystems resilience to invasion in a rapidly changing world. Oral presentation,4th Iberian Congress of Ecology”, Coimbra, Portugal, 16th-​19th June 2015.
  25. Vicente, J.R., Cabral, J.A., Honrado, j.P, Guerra, C., Araújo, M.B., Bastos, R., Eitelberg, D., Zimmermann, N.E., Thuiller, W., Lomba, A., Richardson, D., Kueffer, C., Yu, H., Verburg, P.H. (2015) Modelling land use dynamics and landscape invasibility by alien plants under contrasting social-​ecological scenarios. Oral presentation, EEF 2015, Rome, Italy. September 21 – 25, 2015.
Communications at national conferences and meetings
  1. Alagador, D. & Cerdeira, J.O. A Model to Minimize Costs and Promote Species Persistence under Climate Change. Oral presentation, IO2015-​XVII Congresso da APDIO, 7 – 9 September 2015, Portalegre, Portugal.
  2. Martins, J., Henriques, R., Marchante, E., Marchante, H., Alves, P., Richardson, D., Gaertner, M., Honrado, J., Vicente, J.R. (2015) A novel framework for modelling drivers and spatial patterns of invasive species distribution at multiple spatial scales. Oral presentation, IV Encontro Nacional de Pós-​graduação em Ciências Biológicas” (IV ENPGCB). Aveiro University, Portugal, March 30-​April 22015.
  3. Vaz, A.S., Martins, J., Muñoz-​Pajares, A.J., Vicente, J.R., Honrado, J.P. (2015) DPSIR indicators for assessing the resilience of forest ecosystem services. Poster in Workshop on Ecosystem Services. October, 1, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.
  4. Vicente, J.R. (2015) Revisão de padrões actuais e futuros de invasão. Oral presentation, 1ª Reunião Nacional sobre Investigação e Gestão de Invasões Biológicas. June 3, 2015, CIBIO – Vairão, Portugal.
  5. Vicente, J.R., Pinto, A.T., Araújo, M.B., Verburg, P.H. Lomba, A., Randin, C.F., Guisan, A., Honrado, J.P. (2015) Using Life Strategies to Explore the Vulnerability of Ecosystem Services to Invasion by Alien Plants. Poster in Workshop on Ecosystem Services. October, 1, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.

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